Arca Noah España 
Andalucia Registry of Associations
Charity No. 8517
Entidad Inscrita en el Registro de
Asociaciones de Andalucia No. 8517
CIF NIF G93145134
RSIN 8275.01.043


oproepje schoonmaakproducten zijn meer als welkom

Message urgent !!!!!!
People sometimes ask how we can help Arca Noah , very simple when you do you shopping add 1 extra item in your Shopping basket, What is very welcom ???
cleaning products, detergents, with sometimes more than 80 baby pups in in care is this more than welcome,pups are like baby`s childeren ,and you know yourself how much work a baby is ,a lot of cleaning work ; but 80 pups pfff no words needed.
You can bring it to are charity shop ARCANOAH on the variante cloce to centro salut. every thinks can help.
Muchas gracias

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