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uitgaven waar gaan ze naar toe !!!!

Animals in Distress Joe heeft dit heel mooie verwoord ik denk niet dat er nog iets aan toe te voegen is dit geld voor gelijk welke organisatie. Dus voor je commentaar geeft over stichting lees dit even door.

Someone I know heard a comment and I am amazed and it is something that has also come to me via another person and is as follows:

*I see that Animals In Distress have a new van. They should be spending the money on the animals*

You obviously are way out of touch as to how our charity or how some other charities work for that fact?

But let me talk about our small new van.
Two thirds of the cost of the new van has been paid out of our own personal savings and one third is being paid by the charity at 150€ per month for the next 5 years.

A reliable van is needed with big enough space to take cages, dogs, food, taking dogs to vets, collecting goods, emergencies, you name it. We do not run about with a clapped out van costing a fortune to get repaired every time you most need it.

So when you say the money should be spent on the dogs, what do you think that means? That only food and vets bills is spending money on dogs?

Here is a list of where donations go to, but probably not yours as we find the people that gossip are usually people that don`t really support or know much about a charity or get involved with it. If you are involved and don`t ask questions, then more the fool you.

All our animals want for nothing, they are fully vaccs etc as well as castrated/sterilsed but please read below:

• Vet consultations
• Blood tests…
• Treatments for the above when positive
• Advantix pipettes Parasital collars for protection against flea, tick, Leishmaniasis
• Regular worming
• Sterilising dogs
• Sterilisng cats
• Vaccinations (3 for young pups)
• Rabies vaccinations
• Cat vaccinations
• Special Puppy/kitten milk + food
• Micro chips
• EU Passports
• Dog food
• Cat food
• Cat litter
• Collars and leads
• Animal houses for the refuge/foster homes
• Beds
• Toys
• Unexpected operations (road accident etc…)
• Travel costs for homed animals in Europe
• Road transport cost for homed animals here and to UK
• Sterilising feral cats when funds are available
• Projects expenses at our shelter to help animals that come into our care.
• Paying for all expenses for our `long term΄ animals
• Other unforeseen expenses to help the animals
• Collaborating helping some private individuals that rescue animals as well as some dog charities.
• Running costs of the charity (rents, accountant, van, etc…)

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